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Adrián Belánik

FREQUENTIS Solutions & Services s. r. o., Public Relations & Business Development Manager

As a director of consulting firms, he was asked to use his experience for implementing major state reforms with the aim to move public affairs for the better. Following this, as a general director, he implemented a tax reform called the "flat tax", which has demonstrably boosted Slovakia forward, whether in terms of economic growth, increasing living standards or investments. In the IT area, he led the project “Register of Financial Statements”, which simplified the business environment and made it more transparent. As a crisis manager, he took over the implementation of the project “Data Centre of Municipalities”, which subsequently won an international award in the field of cloud services. Last but not least, was the project Mobile ID, which represented a significant potential for public administration, and won the award in the category of the most innovative and useful projects in the field of IT and digitalisation of the society. Currently, he works again in the business area in a globally operating corporation, an innovative leader for communication and information systems for control centres with safety-critical tasks.

  • Can we create innovations? How should the approach be changed..   |   Jesenná ITAPA 2022
    "Are we aware of threats and opportunities posed by drones in everyday life? Facts will help us understand the need for innovations in this area."

    Can we create innovations in Slovakia that will be successful in the international competition? Using the example of drone traffic management, which started as a start-up, was verified with use cases in an international programme and has been deployed in live operation by several customers, we will answer this question. We will present our approach to innovations and also activities of our company. Finally, we will present an experience from international tenders, which could help to foster innovations also in Slovakia.

  • Remote digital towers   |   Jarná ITAPA 2022
    Adrián Belánik: “The easy attack of air traffic control towers represents a significant strategic moment. Digital innovations based on increased automation, data connectivity and data fusion at air bases provide a solution in the form of remote digital towers. "

    Inefficient and insufficient air traffic control (ATC) staffing, operations with limited visibility, vulnerabilities of conventional ATC towers, as well as new challenges, such as non-cooperative drones, require modernisation of military air traffic management (ATM). In addition, air forces need to embrace digital innovations driven by increased automation, connectivity and data fusion at air bases.

    A remote digital tower replicates the visual tower view to provide ATC services from remote locations, thus improving operations and enhancing safety. It adds new operational capabilities for a number of military use cases in ATM and beyond to ensure accomplishment of different types of missions.

  • mID   |   Medzinárodný kongres ITAPA 2020
    Electronic communication of a citizen and an institution in the environment of an information system today is not possible without user authentication as well as authorization of electronic documents. Both the state and the private sector are looking for ways to make communication accessible and simpler without compromising the security of the services provided, saving time and money on the part of both the organization and the citizen. The mID solution responds to this situation.
    Citizens and businesses will be able to sign up for a large part of eGov services and sign submissions using a smartphone. This eliminates common problems with installing and setting up software for eID (cards). Access to eGov services will be simplified, accelerated and will attract a significantly higher number of citizens and entrepreneurs to electronic communication with the state. From the beginning, MobileID has been thinking about its use by the commercial sector. With the help of a state-guaranteed identity in a mobile and an open interface, a citizen or entrepreneur will be able to, for example, open accounts or change telecommunications operator. No need for a physical visit to the branch.
    The current situation associated with the COVID 19 pandemic intensifies the demand for contactless services accessible to citizens from the comfort of home. The ability to register a mobile identity "from the living room" even without an ID card with a chip (ie without installing a reader on a computer) is a solution that eliminates the risk of virus transmission when activating identity (people do not have to go to any office). Fully self-service onboarding is also a more cost-effective form of mobile identity registration than, for example, on-site service (IOM) onboarding.

  • Modern technologies in municipalities   |   Medzinárodný kongres ITAPA 2019

    The municipality also provides modern solutions and technologies. You can learn more about how it is ready to deliver modern services in this presentation.

  • DCOM national project   |   Medzinárodný kongres ITAPA 2014: Future is TODAY
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