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Adam Rafajdus

Powerful Medical, AI Team Lead
He graduated in Information Systems from Faculty of Informatics and Information Technologies STU. During his studies, he focused on the research of artificial intelligence with applications across various scientific fields. After completing his studies, he worked on applications of artificial intelligence predominantly for biotechnological and biometric projects. In 2022, he joined the AI team at Powerful Medical where he was responsible for the training process of AI models in the cloud, their deployment, and maintenance. Since 2023, he has been leading the AI team, which is responsible for the development and validation of new certified AI solutions in healthcare.
  • Leading the AI Revolution in Cardiovascular Care   |   ITAPA AI & Robotics 2024
    Cardiovascular diseases are the most common cause of death both worldwide and in Slovakia. The Slovak startup Powerful Medical focuses on developing progressive medical technologies. Their flagship product, PMcardio, allows doctors and medical professionals to diagnose and treat cardiovascular diseases with precision through the use of artificial intelligence. Let's look together at how we got here and what are the future prospects for the application of artificial intelligence in healthcare.
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