Cyber security is a must. Otherwise it will cost you a lot.

How do you know you've been hacked? If you happen to notice small items on your account statement that you can't associate with any of your purchases? When your friends start asking you, why are you sending them special links and attachments? And how does the organization find out that it was hacked? According to a 2019 Ponemon Institute report, the organization takes an average of 206 days to find out that it has been attacked. Any such security incident is a really expensive affair. The cost of a single cyber attack averages about $ 3.92 million (in the case of an American company).

How to deal with security incidents

The more our lives are interlinked with the online world, the more important cybersecurity is. At the Spring ITAPA Conference 2020, we will no longer talk about why it is necessary, but about how to implement it. Representatives of the National Security Authority SK-CERT will talk about specific examples of such implementation. For example, you will learn how to properly set up security measures in your organization and what technical solutions are optimal. But also what to do when the worst happens and you experience a cyber incident. Tomáš Hettych will present a case study of the risk management process implementation. The entire Cyber Security panel will be moderated by Rastislav Janota, Director of the National Security Authority SK-CERT.


Cybersecurity strategy

However, this does not end with security measures being properly set up. There is a well-thought-out strategy needed which considers every single system. In his presentation, Andrej Aleksiev from CheckPoint will point out the Achilles' heel, which is sometimes forgotten when securing an organization. The consequences of securing just one system can have catastrophic consequences.

Key people in any organization must also have control over access to sensitive information and know who is joining the systems, when and from where. Our foreign speaker Ramsés Gallego Iglesias from Micro Focus will deal with this topic, as well as another speaker Ján Doboš, who will look at phishing from the handler's incident view.


Coronavirus and safety

One of the aspects that will be addressed in the Cyber Security panel will be the impact of the coronavirus pandemic on cybersecurity. Hackers took advantage of the increased interest in this topic and adapted their attacks accordingly. What exactly does this mean for individuals and institutions and how can we defend ourselves against it? You will find out on May 26 at the online Spring ITAPA Conference 2020 in the Cyber Security panel. Our conference will be fully facilitated online this year to make sure you won't catch any virus, not even a virtual one. The only thing we can infect you with is inspirational presentations and speakers. Register today.


Katarína Rausová

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