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The EMPATTICS project

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The EMPATTICS project is a pre-commercial procurement (PCP) co-fund action of the Horizon 2020 programme built upon an international partnership formed by 5 different European countries: Spain, Denmark, France, United Kingdom and Ireland. 

The ICZ Slovakia is a part of the success story and delivers solution which is supported by AI to tackle the following challenge: “To develop new, cost-effective, scalable, interoperable and non-intrusive Information and Communication Technology solution for patients with chronic diseases, which provide self-management tools on adherence to their care plan and acknowledgement of their disease in order to increase their empowerment and management of life.”

Juraj Buček

ICZ Slovakia
Juraj Buček is a 38-year old certified Senior Project Manager with more than 13 years of experience in ICT project management and rich experience in the field of effective building of international project teams and leadership. Currently he is a Senior Project Manager at ICZ Slovakia, where he successfully manages and leads multinational and innovative projects.
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