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Jiří Buriánek

Secretary-General, European Commitee of the Regions

Mr Jiří Buriánek has been Secretary General of the European Committee of the Regions since 1st September 2014. He served previously as Director at the Secretariat-General of the Council, responsible for network industries and European infrastructures, including digital and telecoms industry. Prior to this, he also served as Enlargement Manager at the EC's Joint Research Centre and as Secretary General of PostEurop, the European Restricted Union of the UN Special Agency of the Universal Postal Union uniting 42 European Universal Service Providers.

Mr Buriánek is of Czech and German nationality.

  • Support of the European Committee of the Regions to the process of EU Digitisation   |   Medzinárodný kongres ITAPA 2018: Hacking the Future

    Digital Infrastructure covering the full territory of the EU and obviously also the V4 territory is one of the key challenges for the upcoming European Smart Infrastructure and will be decisive for the competitiveness of the EU and the V4 countries. It is to be seen in the context of a dramatic struggle which will reward the fastest movers and punish the ones coming too late. In order to put this smart infrastructure in place, we need new smart approaches for reaching a digital infrastructure covering also remote region areas and making the citizens and companies of the EU, including notably the SMEs, fit for the industry 4.0 and the sharing economy process. Most specifically, we need a new approach for creating synergies at regional and cross-border level with new instruments like European Grouping for Territorial Cooperation (EGTC) and a massive effort in developing public-private partnerships using both EU instruments (Invest EU) and private financial sources via notably the recently established Digitisation Fund.

  • Discussion   |   Medzinárodný kongres ITAPA 2018: Hacking the Future
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