Action Plan of Intelligent Industry

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In many cities the development of industry has an impact on the economy of the cities and on the lives of their inhabitants. Slovakia is one of the most industrialized countries in the European Union - almost 25% of GDP is created thanks to the industry. An important part of our economy is also the use of local subcontractors for foreign investors operating in Slovakia. Our industry stands out clearly before the big change that we see today in the digitization, automation and robotization of the production, which will also give businesses higher efficiency and profitability.

The Action Plan of Intelligent Industry is therefore a response to the practical requirements of industry. He did not come from the office table, we formed him together with representatives of industry or technology companies. Our goal is to fulfill the role of the state in the creation of infrastructure and specific instruments. The action plan includes 35 actions in different areas - research, development and innovation, basic IT security principles, labor market and education, reference architecture, standardization and technical standards, information and promotion. It is conceived only until 2020, as the area of digitization or the Internet of things grows exponentially. It is built in such a way that in a short period of time is created a basic and solid environment for the dynamic development of Intelligent Industry in Slovakia in the future.

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