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The Internet of Things - Decide on the basis of data, not just intuition

Why should a lecture be interesting? 

Let’s have a look at the real life example of a railways company in the need of more timely and reliable information, to better manage their wagons. Wagons that travel tens of thousands of kilometers, often beyond Slovak borders, not connected to internet, with no power supply. When a big part of the available information comes from external sources, or is missing. We will have a peek to see how the process digitalization helps to solve these challenges.

Managers need a reliable and timely information to be able to manage a company or an institution. The need for the information is as natural, as is natural the lack of its availability. There are several possible ways, how to get the information you need: fast, but expensive and less reliable; precise, but slow and expensive; or cheap but unreliable.

Or can we use the technological advances to collect the timely and useful information and to process it further to enable and support the effective decision making? This can be all possible with the help of the magic tools hidden behind such words as IoT and analytics. 

Juraj Boledovič

DXC Technology
Juraj Boledovic is DXC consultant for IT in the manufacturing and transportation industries. Before outsourced to HP in 2001, he worked as manager in the IT department of Procter & Gamble. He was managing complex outsourcing projects for large industrial and financial customers,  later he worked as a business and technical advisor for the large IT outsouring opportunities in various countries.Currently, Juraj is working on inovative IT solutions in mannufacturing, transportation and IoT.
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