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People can talk as well as things around us can. But can we really listen to them and understand them? The presentation will tell you how and why to listen and understand IT around us. Does it sound too general? When we look around us in IT, any given system can communicate with you. They tell you how they perform (self-diagnosis), who and how sets them (configuration management), who and how operates them, what data are approached and what operations are done with them (audit). Of course, every IT system speaks its own language, but if we understand their language, we can also understand it.

Miroslav Knapovský

After he finished studies at Technical University of Ostrava, he joined 3Com in 1996 as a Network Specialist. He worked there until 2010 in various technical job roles for CEE. In 2010, the company 3Com was bought by Hewlett Packard and included into HP network division. In HP, he dedicated full-time to computer system security and worked as a regional Network Security Expert. In 2015 HP was split into two independent companies. He then continued in Hewlett Packard Enterprise as an EMEA Security Solution Architect for data-centric security solutions and cryptographic systems. After twenty years in global corporations he decided not to build career in international company anymore and instead he joined an interesting project in Sirwisa a.…
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