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Rudolf Navrátil

Slovak Agency of Environment
In 1994 Rudolf Benko graduated at the Faculty of Forestry of the Technical University in Zvolen. From 1996 he works for the Slovak Agency of Environment as expert for GIS. He was concerned in implementing the GIS technologies within the SAŽP as well as within the Ministry of Environment. He participated on strategy papers and was responsible for GIS in several international projects. From 2005 he is the Head of Information Technologies Department of Environment and Informatics Centre of the SAŽP and project manager of Environmental Information Portal

  • Management of Enviroportal Content - How to Make the Website Updated and Vivid   |   Kongres ITAPA 2006

    The Constitution of the Slovak Republic guarantees early, quality and responsible information on environment as our right. We should add the attribute of timeliness to the current attributes, and we have obtained a request which SAŽP recast to the Enviroportal (, the most-frequently-visited information source on environment in Slovakia. You will learn what the aim of its creators was when the project was arising, how it is organized, which services the portal offers and what the experience on annual real operation is, when you will listen further.

    Information on the product:
    Environmental portal, developed in SAŽP Banska Bystrica, was launched on June 15, 2005, it has become the most-frequently-visited information source on environment in Slovakia. At the beginning of 2006, it was installed for the needs of the Czech Environmental Information Agency in Prague, which carries on the Czech environment portal ( by this.
  • Interactive web maps and web database applications SAŽP   |   Kongres ITAPA 2002
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