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Jaroslav Piroh

Profesional experiences:
1981 – 1987, Military corps 5251, Liptovský Mikuláš, ČSFSR, Head of construction unit at the construction of the area of the Military Academy and Research Institute in Liptovskom Mikuláši;
1985 – 1988, Military topographical institute, Dobruška, ČSFSR, topographer – specialist;
1989 – 1991, Military Cartographical Institute, Harmanec, ČSSR, Head of the Cartographical unit;
1991 – 1992, Military geographical institute, Praha, ČR - specialist for informatics;
1992 – 1993, Generálny štáb of the Army of the Slovak Republic, Trenčín, SR - senior officer of the Topographical unit;
1993 – 2003, Topographical Institute, Banská Bystrica, SR - Deputy Captain,
from January 1 2004 till presence - Director of Topographical Institute.

* 1976 – 1981, VF VSDS Žilina, ČSSR, university studies, field of study "Military structural engineering"
* 1976 – 1981, Military Academy, Brno, ČR, extra-mural studies in "Military cartography"
* 2000 – 2000, Language School MOSR, Zvolen, SR, internal intensive language course in English, knowledge level STANGA 2

During his work in the position of Director of Topographic Institute he was responsible for geographical security and geographical support to the Armed Forces of the Slovak Republic, for development of international activities and achievement of full compatibility with the NATO countries in the field of military geography. During his work in the Slovak Environmental Agency, his activities were directed mainly to the field of INSPIRE. At present he concentrates on the implementation of Google Earth and Google Maps technologies, geographical modelling and geographical animation for promotional and  marketing purposes.

Presentation: eGovernment and GIS in Slovakia
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