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Early Warning provides information about malicious programs and related configurations, which are being prepared, or actually used in an attack against a specific organization or its customers (a targeted threat).

The ability to gather the latest information about emerging threats in cyberspace plays a crucial role in the protection of company data assets. Detailed knowledge of security threats provides companies with valuable overview about the present-day risks they are exposed to. By knowing more about these security risks, it makes it possible to actively prevent potential damages, or at least to implement the necessary measures to mitigate them. ESET Threat Intelligence System and Early Warning service as its part, helps in recognizing the security threats about malicious programs, their properties, as well as servers used for their propagation, in addition to other aspects of their functioning. Instead of givin you general, non-descript warnings about malware, the Early Warning Service notifies you about the threats specifically targeting your organization.



Peter Dekýš

ESET spol. s r.o.
After studies at Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology, Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava and PhD studies of Electronic computers (1993) he taught at Department of Informatics and information Technologies, slovak University of Technology in Bratislava with focus on computer networks and  business information systems. Since 1997 he was a security and computer networks consultant for Orga-Trade, a.s. In 2001 he started to work for S&T Slovakia as consultancy manager with focus on complex solutions of information systems infrastructure. He works for ESET since 2009, his main responsibilities is information security consultancy for ESET and clients from Slovakia and Czech Republic.
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