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Information system employment services: first year in operation and what´s next?

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How to merge 600 databases into ONE?

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We will show that innovative projects flourish also in public administrations. It is a year since Employment Agencies started to work more transparently and with greater ease. Information system is now used by more than 1400 of online users in 132 workstations in all regions of Slovak Republic.

Executive Summary:
Operation of the IT system in the first year
Benefits of the system for users
Benefits for registered unemployed, citizens, employers and other players in the employment market

Danica Kelečínová

Central Office of Labour, Social Affairs and Family
Mgr. Danica Kelečínová works as Director of Information Systems Methodology for the Central Office of Labour, Social Affairs and Family. She is an expert in procedural methodology in the field of employment and social affairs. She has worked at the Office of labour since 1991 and she went through various positions there. She graduated from the University of Trnava.
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Benjamín Würfl

Atos IT Solutions and Services
Ing. Würfl Benjamin, PhD. operates at Atos IT Solutions and Services Ltd. as Account Manager for Public Sector. He is a graduate from doctoral studies and engineering studies from the University of Economics in Bratislava.
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