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The draft law on information security

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CSIRT – Special Unit in digital world

Why not to miss the presentation?
Did you know that in Slovakia there is a special unit for elimination of cyber attacks? Its name is CSIRT. Come to take a look at her!

Executive summary:
The presentation will briefly inform about draft law on information security and its necessity for working of Special unit for solving of computer security incidents – CSIRT.SK. It will deliver a short view on types of solved computer incidents and state their numbers, actual trends in attacks on public administration institutions and finally indicate challenges the unit is facing today and which impede effective reaction in elimination of these attacks. 

Ján Hochmann

Ministry of Finance SR
He is an author/co-author of several e-Government projects such as Slovak Legal Information System – JASPI, Business Register of Slovak Republic, Free On-line Land Registry, Development of special unit for solving computer incidents in Slovakia (CSIRT.SK) and others. In 2009/2010 he coordinated planning of “Central Electronic Case for International Business (CEP)”and currently he coordinates Pilot project of education of information security in Slovak Republic. 
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Petra Hochmannová

Petra Hochmannová works since 2010 in the field of information security at special department of Computer Security Incident Response Team Slovakia - CSIRT.SK, part of DataCentrum organization, under Ministry of Finance of the Slovak Republic. She first took on the role of information specialist for ICT security with focus on incident solutions, international cooperation development and management of information security projects. At present she is a Director of CSIRT.SK. She executes conceptual frameworks, coordination, and methodology in the field of information security, manages cooperation with Slovak and international organizations and represents Slovakia in expert work streams on critical information infrastructure protection and fi…
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