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e-Services by Connected Government Framework

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Governments around the world have on their priority list creation of e-Government projects where they want to increase Government efficiency, improve Citizens services, reduce amount of papers, deliver 24x7 accessibility of Government and interconnect Government Agencies altogether for simplified data exchange. Connected Government Framework (CGF) is a specific Microsoft guideline for successful implementation of such e-Government projects. CGF describes architecture of the building blocks in e-Government strategy for creation of central communication hub, registration and enrolment authority and technology for seamless integration with various back-end systems on Government Agencies' side.

Ľubomír Goryl

Microsoft Slovakia, s.r.o.
Ľubomír Goryl has more than 10 years' experience in the design and implementation of enterprise information systems with a focus on complex solutions for public sector. Until 2006, he served as a freelance consultant and lecturer on Business Intelligence. Mr. Goryl then joined Microsoft Slovakia as a Solution Professional - Application Platform & Development - Application Platform & Development.
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