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Program Management and Strategic Change Management

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eHealth solutions bring important changes but too often we see electronic healthcare only as another technological implementation. We will present benefits of eHealth solutions regarding costs and also control systems that will help to better understand impacts of changes after introduction of eHealth. What can we learn from other countries, their eHealth programs and processes?

Bart de Witte

IBM General Business
Bart de Witte, an executive in the field of Healthcare IT. Since July 2010, he leads the healthcare market for IBM in the CEE region and is part of the global healthcare tiger team. In this role he is responsible for healthcare innovation, focussing on delivering value toward the patient. In his prior role he was responsible for the strategic development in the Swiss healthcare market and some break-through innovations, Bart was a valuable member of SAP's global Healthcare Council, The Swiss eHealth Summit Advisory Council and founding board member of the Swiss IG eHealth. Since more then five years Bart de Witte focuses on driving adoption of SOA in the healthcare market, is instrumental in the shaping of innovative opportuniti…
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