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Implementation of IT services management according to ITIL in Public Administration

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The listeners shall at particular examples of ITSM/ITIL introduction in public administration bodies acquire overview of reasons leading to starting those projects and what principled steps shall be taken within the projects from the primary analysis through implementation up to continual improvement of processes. The presentation is aimed at causing listeners to understand what means ITSM and ITIL in order to clarify the most important benefits which the implementation of processes according to ITIL brings to the organization. At the end they will learn in which phases and in which time horizons individual objectives of project of implementation of processes according to ITSM/ITIL are fulfilled. The listeners shall learn what is the task of itSMF Slovensko in this sphere.

Ivan Bock

     A member of a preparatory committee of itSMF Slovensko which was established as a Slovak branch of international organization in order to become the main representative of IT Service Management (ITSM) in Slovakia. Currently, itSMF Slovensko is preparing for its 1st Annual Meeting. He graduated from the Faculty of Electrotechnics of the Slovak Technical University in Bratislava. He worked on several vast IT projects within his employment in the companies HT Computers, s.r.o. a LOGIN, a.s. he currently works in the position of a consultant  in the company Descon, a.s. which provides counselling services in areas of information technology application and use.
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Jaroslav Hlavačka

After finishing teacher study in the specialization of Mathematics at Faculty of Natural Sciences of Comenius University in Bratislava he worked as a pedagogue in the field of military schooling.      After graduation from Mathematical-Physical Faculty of Comenius University – specialization in informatics in 1993 – 1998 in the company Novitech Banská Bystrica, s.r.o in the field of proposal, development and later as a Project Manager for commissioning of tax information system.      Since 1998 he is employed at Tax Directorate of the Slovak Republic in Banská Bystrica where he was in various managerial positions in the Informatics unit. Since 2003 he is fully devoted to management of vast projects in the field of tax information s…
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