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1on1 interview - Digitalization of the industry in Korean style

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Experiences from a month-long work trip in Korea Changwon city. Michal Muhl attended the autumn 2023 Monthly Capacity Building Programme. Together with the Korea Development Institute, he created a pilot internship that enhances the cooperation in the framework of the Knowledge Sharing Program. He spent a month interacting with stakeholders in the digitalization industry in the industrial complex in Changwon. In this presentation, he will highlight the experiences from more than 30 interviews and the approach to digitalization in the „Korean style".

Michal Műhl

He works at the Slovak Innovation and Energy Agency. He is the main project manager of EDIH EXPANDI 4.0 focused on digitalization of industrial SMEs. In SIEA he is the Director of the Competitiveness Department. He graduated in human geography. Learning about Asian cultures and economies has accompanied him in his professional and personal life for more than 15 years. In national and international projects, he has been working on innovation, digitalization and employee training.
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