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ICT in Elections and Transition to Electronic Voting in Czech Republic

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The presentation provides information about the development of collecting, acquiring and disseminating of election results in the Czech Republic. The interesting matter is mainly the comparison of last years, when in using of information technologies improves the effectiveness and accelerates the dissemination of results on-line. The second part of presentation is dedicated to the options of electronic voting, its different forms and to outlook to the near future.

Jan Fischer

Born in 1951 in the family of mathematical statistics and insurance mathematics. His father - a scientist of the Mathematical Institute of the Academy of Science – worked on mathematical-statistical applications in genetics and medicine.He graduated in branch of the statistics and econometry in 1974 at the University of Economics in Prague. After his graduation, he started to work within the Statistical Office. In 1990 ho was appointed the vice-chairman of the Federal Statistical Office and then in 1993 the vice-chairman of Czech Statistical Office. From the early 1990’s he chaired teams processing the results of parliament and municipalities elections. He was responsible for the relations with the Eurostat (European Statistical Office).…
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