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Guests of the ITAPA OPEN TALK: Decarbonization - transformation and sustainable development of regions

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A crisis is an opportunity. Closing coal mines is a nightmare. The transformation of the regions is necessary, but it must be in solidarity. At the same time, it is a great opportunity for the economic restart of the territory at a higher level, which must be innovative, green and social. This is Slovakia's vision for the upper Nitra and for the Košice and Banska Bystrica regions.

RASTISLAV TRNKA, KOŠICE SELF-GOVERNING REGION: ,,The key to the successful transformation of the Košice Region will be investments in education and the construction of a hydrogen valley."

Alojz Vlčko, Municipal Office of Prievidza
Jaroslav Baška, Trenčín self-governing region
Rastislav Trnka, Košice self-governing region
Peter Balík, MIRDI 
Rastislav Nemec, SPP 
Heinz Gratzer, Vice Mayor of Prellenkirchen


Peter Balík

expert na investície
Held the position of General Director of the Innovation, Strategic Investment and Analysis Section (HUB) at the Ministry of Investment, Regional Development and Informatics. Among other things, he was responsible for the preparation and implementation of the Fair Transformation Fund, which serves to support the transformation of selected regions in Slovakia into carbon-neutral economies. Currently, he is holding the position of minister at the Ministry of Investment, Regional Development and Informatics He also worked as an expert within JASPERS (European Investment Bank) and focused on projects funded by the ESI Funds in the areas of innovation, research and development and the promotion of smart cities. In the past, Peter worked as …
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Jaroslav Baška

Trenčín self-governing region
Jaroslav Baška will lead the Trenčín self-governing region for the third term. In the capacity of chairman, he has been promoting the county's environmental, participatory and transparent model for a long time. In his work, he uses not only his experience as a member of the National Council of the Slovak Republic, the Minister of Defense, the State Secretary of the Department of Defense or the mayor of the village of Dohňany, but also his comprehensive - geographical, historical and social - knowledge of the region. He emphasizes the development of the region in all areas of his competence, in order to improve the living conditions of all residents, including people living on the upper Nitra.   Jaroslav Baška graduated from the Faculty…
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Rastislav Trnka

Kosice Self-governing Region
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Heinz Gratzer

Vice Mayor of Prellenkirche
Heinz Gratzer is 58 years old and has been active in the municipal politics of the municipality of Prellenkirchen in Austria since 1990. Since 2010, he has held the position of deputy mayor continuously. During the performance of various functions in municipal politics, he was and is primarily responsible for the promotion of tourism and the development of alternative and sustainable energy sources, specifically the development of the construction of wind parks in the cadastral territory of the municipalities of Prellenkirchen, Deutsch Haslau and Schönabrunn, which together form one municipal entity and have a total of over 2,000 inhabitants.
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Alojz Vlčko

Municipal office of Prievidza
In 2017, the mayor of Prievidza, Katarína Macháčková, initiated the opening of the discussion on the future of Horná Nitra. Alojz Vlčko, as head of the mayor's office, actively participated in the preparation of the public call Let's get rid of uncertainty and the organization of the Round Table on the future of Horná Nitra. Subsequently, as the head of one of the working groups, he was the main actor in the participatory process in which the Action Plan for the transformation of the Horná Nitra coal region was created, later approved by the Slovak Government as a national strategy. After Horná Nitra was selected as one of the pilot regions of the newly established Platform for coal regions in the process of transformation established by…
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