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Management of changes in the process of digital transformation of the organization

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Digital transformation is a challenge for every organization, but on the other hand also a set of risks that are identified before or in its process. In order for modernization, transformation to succeed, or without serious problems, it is necessary to include not only the transformed organization itself in the program / project but also its clients who need to understand the vision of the transformed organization, the added value of change and the processes and tools that will be part of it. Atos has a methodology that is proven in practice and helps organizations to meet their transformation goals.

Peter Balco

ATOS IT Solution and Services
Peter Balco graduated from the Department of Radio Electrical Engineering and Telemetry Systems at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Informatics of the Technical University in Košice. DEA diploma and Ph.D. defended at C.E.M.-CNRS Montpellier, USTL II, France in the field of optoelectronics and optoelectronic systems. He holds a Professional Diploma in Management MBA level 1 Business School CUB, is a member of The Open University UK. He has many years of experience in managing IT and TELCO operating environments as well as with the supply of IT and TELCO projects for large international organizations. He joined Atos IT Solutions and Services s.r.o. in October 2018 as Solution Design Architect responsible for cloud solutions …
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