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Marcela Havrilová

Marcela Havrilová currently works as a director for education system division at Microsoft Slovakia. She is responsible for business activities and fulfillment of the company's strategy in the field of education, as well as for the support and implementation of projects aimed at the digital transformation of schools. She actively works as a member of several working groups, she is a member of the Presidium of the IT Association of Slovakia, presents at many conferences, and is engaged in the promotion of IT professions among young people. In the area of ​​education and education system she works for the whole professional life. She also focuses on the personal and professional development of teachers, on the development of their potentia…
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Mário Lelovský

He is not only the first vice-president of ITAS, but also the first vice-president of the Republican Union of Employers and the chairman of the Digital Coalition - the National Coalition for Digital Skills and Occupations of the Slovak Republic. In 1988, he graduated from the Faculty of Electrical Engineering of the Slovak Technical University in Bratislava, majoring in cybernetics and control technology. Between 1991 and 2013, he led companies of the BaSys group, a distributor of premium consumer electronics in Slovakia and the Czech Republic. Since 2000, he has been doing business in the field of control systems of intelligent (SMART) objects, and his company Media Control provides integrated design, complex implementation, and s…
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Martin Menšík
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Zuzana Molčanová

Microsoft Slovakia
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Peter Pallo

teacher of the year 2020
Mgr. Peter Pallo is a primary education teacher at Rudolf Dilong Elementary School in Trstená. It has long been introducing innovative elements into education in the field of digitization. In 2006, he managed to implement the "Notebook for Every Pupil" project, which diversified and streamlined teaching at the school. He also uses information and communication technologies in many methods such as brainstorming, project teaching, dramatization, cinematography, intellectual games, or experiential learning. He is involved in the modernization of the educational process and also works closely with the Ministry of Education in the information technology section. In extracurricular activities, he focuses on students in the film, programming, d…
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Alena Kopányiová

Výskumný ústav detskej psychológie a patopsychológie
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