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Smart Mobility Transforms Urban Life: Europe's First Experience

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We have all heard of new mobility technologies are revolutionizing mobility in the coming years. Through concrete examples, Johannes Nuutinen will make the connection to societal developments and explain how the new technologies will affect urban life. How will everyday life be changed? How will societal institutions need to be rebuilt?


Mikko Annala

Demos Helsinki, Finland
Head of Governance Innovation and Senior Expert at one of the most influential think tanks in the Nordics.  His background is in behaviour science. He has been conducting experimental social psychology in laboratory settings, as well as running behavioural interventions in real-life settings. He has worked in a leading role in projects that have resulted in tangible operational models, funding structures, and experiments within Finnish governance system.  After that Annala has worked with several governments overseas, including Latvia, Australia, and the United Arab Emirates. Some examples of Annala’s recent work: Key role in designing experimentation model for the Finnish Prime Minister’s Office and leader in a project, wh…
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Johannes Nuutinen

Demos Helsinki
Johannes Nuutinen is a Lead at Demos Helsinki and is responsible for international markets. His focus is to find global forerunners to partner with Demos Helsinki. Together with the Radical Strategy team, Johannes works to define new roles and ways of value creation for large corporations working in a rapid transformation of their business environment. Johannes Nuutinen is specialized in understanding societal change and helps corporations answer societal challenges. Johannes is experienced corporate change processes especially in building new business models and partnerships. Nuutinen is an expert in understanding the political roles of corporations, new societal coalitions and understanding the societal impacts of digital platforms.…
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