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What do you want to reveal to the world?

You don’t mind exposing yourself on social media or you rather stay low-key?

A couple of decades earlier it was quite a difficult task to get information about individuals. Normal practice was to gather information through various physical channels or contacts and subsequently store it in card registers and physical databases. However, the digital era has changed it all. Even if the “Digital Divide” phenomenon is still actual, differences between online geeks and outcasts became more subtle. Yet, there is a distinction between those who prefer to stay very private, sharing information about themselves very sporadically, while the others gladly share their lives on the internet, sometimes even more than necessary.

What aspects can affect our attitude towards information sharing? To what extent are we willing to share information about ourselves? Do we have the power over everything that we have ever posted online?

The data we provide is further processed and used by private companies or the government. People with small online experiences are particularly vulnerable. They spread information about themselves over the Internet and become possible victims of data abuse, identity theft and fraud.

The question that is becoming increasingly relevant stands whether we want to trade our privacy for security and comfort. A year ago the European Union responded by introducing the GDPR to protect private data.

There are new ambitious projects for further digitization being prepared in Slovakia, many of which have already been presented at the ITAPA events. Yet there is still much more to come in the upcoming autumn season. What will be these projects be like and how will they treat personal accounts and data? Join the International ITAPA congress to learn more!

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