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What about descriptions of other upcoming panels?

Effective public administration, The new programming period, Personal Data Protection or the Annual Round Table. ITAPA Congress will be charged by inspiring themes and well established speakers.

Effective Public Administration
Effectivity does not mean just the cost for provision and running of applications and services but it is also how we use them. If something is complex and incomprehensible for a user, he does not use it. If he has to use it, it costs him lot of time and effort. The service is ineffective in both cases. How to make electronic services and applications understandable, easy to use and popular?

How to Make Most of the New Program Period?
The look back at the previous program period does not offer many reasons for optimism. But we still need to challenge the future instead of waiting how it will again turn out. Let’s listen, talk, and form future development, so there will be no déja-vu.

Personal Data Protection and Security
Security is no longer a domain of few dedicated experts. It is now important for much broader specter of people – project managers, electronic services architects, financial managers, designers, and others who define the projects and applications since their start till their final implementation into life. Therefore existing best practices of projects and solutions who have successfully dealt with security are more than interesting.  

Annual Round Table – Make IT Easy – Simple is Beautiful
  • When will Slovak electronic services become simple and beautiful? How proactive they are?
  • Are we able to explain the benefits of digitization to the public? Are we able to persuade them (including teachers, health workers, businessman, and tradesmen)?
  • What is the evaluation of number of useful services implemented (on paper) a year ago?
  • Is ICT sector able to create a relevant expert counter-balance or will the chimera of short-term benefits keep Slovak digital a black sheep?
  • Why is the digitization a tool of corruption and low quality when it should be the tool of cleaning and enhancement?

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