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Virtual reality is becoming a part of our life

What does an ordinary person imagine when virtual reality is discussed? Star Trek’s Holodeck, in which spacecraft members simulated their dreams or maybe an amusement park simulation?


Most likely we think of virtual reality being used mainly in the entertainment industry. Yet it can successfully be utilized in other sectors as well since companies are increasingly interested in its limitless possibilities.


In collaboration with Varjo Swedish car manufacturer Volvo has decided to create a virtual reality helmet that a chauffeur should wear while driving. In addition to the camera-transmitted image, the helmet would use computer graphics to identify problematic and dangerous sections and increase driving safety.


Virtual reality is already being used in education through simulation of a classroom environment in online education. This technique can be used, for example, to educate employees. Last October, the American company Walmart distributed virtual reality devices to almost all of its branches. The advantage of VR is brain effectivity as the brain acts like it has actually experienced the situation in comparison with traditional lecture and attention.

Health care

American Cedars-Sinai hospital came up with interesting results when using virtual reality to reduce pain. In their study they found that patients who tried 3D virtual reality reported lower pain in comparison to patients who watched traditional TV. Of course, the VR can also be used to teach medics who can work in a simulated environment.

Interior design

How many people have a good spatial imagination? Virtual reality brings a solution for those who were not born with it. IKEA offers VR goggles for its customers to easily create and design their future housing. Such concept has been used by Česká spořitelna which estimates that thanks to virtual reality it has saved up to 90% of the costs used for additional interior adjustments.


Virtual reality offers the possibility of involving experts in the development of new machines or repair of expensive and heavy equipment without the need to travel. It is enough for an engineer to use VR equipment to meet his colleagues and discuss technical issue in another part of the world.

While letting our imagination work and create countless benefits of virtual reality, we have to be aware of the other side of the coin. Virtual reality is not for everyone. It is important to mention that people with astigmatism have problems with using the VR that are manifested as headaches and can even lead to nausea. Excessive use of VR can cause dizziness.

Virtual reality creates a convincing illusion, however it could never be able to capture all aspects of real world.


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