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Think Outside the Perimeter: Why Your Enterprise Need External Cybersecurity

BlueVoyant and EMM are Partnering to Bring Slovakian Enterprises Industry-Leading Cyber Defense, Including Supply Chain Defense and Digital Risk Protection

In the wake of supply chain breaches like SolarWinds and Kaseya, more enterprises are concerned with the cyber risks posed by their suppliers and vendors. As organizations' own internal security becomes stronger, cyber attackers look for the path of least resistance, which can often be a supplier or vendor in their third-party ecosystem. According to a recent study by BlueVoyant, 96% of executives surveyed at Central and Eastern European companies have been negatively impacted by a cybersecurity breach that occurred in their supply chain. 

Issues even further beyond organizations’ digital ecosystems can also cause damage, especially to companies’ brand and reputation. Cyber criminals often make look alike websites, fake apps, and use company logos for phishing and other scams. As cybercriminals become more sophisticated, consumers often don’t know the difference between legitimate communication from a trusted company and an imposter one designed to steal their personal information or add malware to their device. As a result, organizations may lose customers' trust and their reputation through the actions of malicious actors. 

To help solve these cybersecurity challenges, EMM, a leading Slovakian cybersecurity firm that works with companies to improve their cyber defense, is partnering with BlueVoyant to offer unique solutions to the region. BlueVoyant is an award-winning cybersecurity company with expertise in external cybersecurity, headquartered in New York with a regional headquarters and security operations center (SOC) in Budapest. 

The partnership will bring new opportunities to monitor for external cybersecurity threats to organizations in Slovakia, including by offering BlueVoyant Terrain: SCD (Supply Chain Defense) — continuous monitoring of the suppliers and vendors along with timely remediation of any issues,  and BlueVoyant Sky: DRP (Digital Risk Protection) —  detect and eliminate cyber threats before they impact your business and clients. 

Supply Chain Defense (SCD)

SCD provides comprehensive cyber risk mitigation for enterprises’ extended ecosystem and gives clients clear oversight by proactively identifying, prioritizing, and remediating risks within their supply chain and investment network. 

Digital Risk Protection (DRP)

DRP is an end-to-end solution to detect and eliminate cyber threats by giving clients real-time visibility of digital threats by continuously monitoring domains and websites, social media, apps in official and unofficial stores, the clear, deep and dark web, instant messaging and open source — allowing for quick, effective cyber threat mitigation. 

To learn more about what EMMand BlueVoyant are offering, please visit our speaking sessions: 

30 of November: 11:05 - 11:15 Presentation 
Speaker: Balazs Csendes, BlueVoyant’s Sales Manager for Central and Eastern Europe
Topic: Innovation in Cyber Security 
Title: How to manage proactively external cyber risk?

30 of November:14:50-15:30 Panel Discussion
Speaker: Frantisek Boda, EMM’s Head of Cybersecurity Department
Topic: Supply Chain Defense

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