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Spring ITAPA 2015

The basic character of today's modern times is constantly progress in any area and continual innovation. Within the connection of the single market of the European Union is increasingly raising the question about a
necessary of digital single market. The objective of this invention to overcome the imaginary range in the online space.

Spring conference ITAPA 2015 has prepared a number of questions and
answers relating to this topic.

Should be Europe rescued in global competition from the digital single market? European Commissioner for the Digital Economy and Society Günther Oettinger also pointed out that the IT sector "needs a new generation of Shakespeare and Schiller." Would other experts on this issue share his opinion or not? What is the vision and what is the fact? All this is available on the Spring Conference ITAPA 2015.

Filled with a description of their main objective of an information society, as an effective knowledge-based economy? Will they bring in money, time and human resources investment desired outcome?*

These are the main topics of discussion in Spring conference, where you can meet with Slovak leaders like Peter Pellegrini (digital leader of the Slovak Republic and the Speaker of Parliament), or Vazil Hudak (Secretary of MoF) and many others.

*May 21, 2015, Spring Conference ITAPA 2015 Hotel Bôrik, Bratislava.*
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