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Zoltán Demján

Coach and keynote speaker, landscape photographer
In life he is guided by the principles that helped him to be a successful top athlete (10 years national representative in mountaineering, merited master of sport, Lhotse Shar 8 400m, Mount Everest 8848 m, Dhaulagiri 8 116 m), sports leader (president of the Czechoslovak Mountaineering Association) and sports diplomat (representing Slovakia in the international mountaineering union UIAA). Adherence to the same principles helped him to become a successful manager and leader - HR Director, CEO and Chairman of the Board of Directors in the multinational Holcim concern, which is the world's second largest producer of cement, concrete and aggregates. In this position he was responsible for over 1000 employees and for the management of 7 companies in Slovakia, Austria and Poland. He is also a laureate of the Slovak Human Resource Management and Development Award 2003. He now sees his mission as passing on his experience to other managers and leaders, and helping them find balance in their lives. In his spare time, he is an avid landscape photographer.
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