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Yvonne Nico Vavrová

Associate professor at the Faculty of Mass Media of the Pan-European University, director, screenwriter, cinematographer and graphic designer
MgArt. Yvonne Vavrová, associate professor at the Faculty of Mass Media of the Pan-European University, director, scriptwriter. She is a graduate of the Film and Television Faculty of the Academy of Performing Arts (AMU) in Prague, majoring in feature film and television directing. She is the director and screenwriter of more than 80 original documentary films, the most famous of which are Prosperity Made In Japan, Variations, At the End Is Life and five feature-length fiction films that have been awarded at prestigious film festivals.
In 1994, she was awarded the PRIX ITALIA in Turin, Italy for directing the absurdist drama Ionesco THE KING IS DYING. In 2002 she was awarded first prize in the children's programme category in Chicago, USA, for her short story NATALKA. Her documentary on the status of women in Slovakia, AFTER THE SWORD AND AFTER THE PRASLICA, was awarded the first prize by the Center for Independent Journalism in 2022 and by the World Bank in 2002. Her films have been successfully screened abroad (Czech Republic, Japan, Canada) and have been awarded several prizes (Czech Literary Fund Award, Prix Jeunessevo at Cannes, France and many others).
The director is distinguished by her relationship to philosophical themes in her fiction and documentary work (e.g. the documentaries Television that Kills, The King is Naked, Servants of Images, Fear, Popcorn Culture, I Lived on the Street, Taboo and the Media, or the feature films Ioneco - The King is Dying, Rings for the Lady, Mario, Whistle! Surrogate Mother or Eve's Crossing and others). At the Andrej Bagar Theatre in Nitra she directed Per Olov Enquist's play The Picture Makers about the famous Swedish writer Selma Lagerlof. The play was nominated for the wider selection of nominated plays for Discovery of the Season and for acting in leading roles at the Divadelná Nitra festival. In addition to all of her awards to date, she is also exceptional as a photographer who has presented her photographs in numerous exhibitions, most recently under the titles Fragile as a Butterfly and People made in Japan in Canada, Japan and Slovakia. Yvonne Vavrová has travelled and filmed in Japan, Canada, USA, France, Sweden, Norway, Germany and Luxembourg. She is the author of a book on French director Francois Truffaut and the author of hundreds of articles on art, life and travel. Her main characteristic is an original approach to form with a sense of deep philosophical content. Yvonne Vavrova is always very unconventional in her search for new original visual representations and directorial techniques.
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