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Walter M. Bugnar

Siemens IT Solutions and Services, Austria

Bugnar Walter M., born 1965, engaged since 1991 with development, construction, distribution and management of e-health projects and smart card projects in the EU area.

In the years 2004 to 2007 he was responsible as project manager for the suc-cessful design, implementation and deployment of the infrastructure project of the Austrian Social Insurance "e-card" and its further progression, such as e-card as a citizen card.

Since 2008, he is responsible for the successful implementation of the project "e-medication database - together with the Austrian chamber of pharmacists - as well as its international marketing.

The author also considers international lectures on the topics "Change Manage-ment" and "Successful Project Implementation in Public Environment"

  • eHealth project with real results   |   Kongres ITAPA 2010: Tam, kde sa svety stretávajú
    Back in the 1990s, the Austrian social security dealt with the replacement of the medical voucher form and the introduction of the e-card system. The implementation started in 2004. The e-card infrastructure was designed from the outset for the future implementation of e-health projects. Of any legislation (Data Protection Act, Health Telematics Act, Digital Signature Act) have been created or adapted. Roadmap: • 2004, 2005: e-card-infrastructure + application: eligibility check (medical voucher form) • 2006: application: pharmaceutical granting service • 2007: application: preventive medical checkup • 2009: application: e-referral • 2010: application: e-medication The savings to the administrative area are given annually to approximately € 50 million. In the field of e-health – partly significant - quality improvements are expected. The Austrian population is excited by the e-card. Almost 90% said that the e-card with "very good" or "good". The upcoming ELGA project: The electronic health record, ELGA short, is a system that manages all relevant health data of citizens electronically. The main treatment data will be stored. ELGA is the combination of existing projects and structures and focuses on the international market. The ELGA Ltd., which is responsible for the implementation of the EHR, integrates all users of ELGA in the planning work. This is a strict privacy protection and authorization system as a basis for the use of ELGA. For this purpose, the existing e-health law is reformed. Based on current and long past polls more than 90% of Austrians evaluate applications around the e-card and ELGA positive. The individual projects of the ELGA - especially e-medication, the normalization for release documentation, laboratory and radiographic findings and epSOS are primarily for the quality assurance and cost savings. An epSOS trial run is planned for early 2011.
  • Medication Safety Belt with the Austrian eCard   |   Kongres ITAPA 2009: Art of eServices
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