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Vladimír Šnídl

Denník N, journalist
Vladimír Šnídl has been working in the media since 2007, and for the last six years he has also been focusing more intensively on the phenomenon of hoaxes and misinformation. He is the author of the book "Truth and a Lie on Facebook" and co-author of three educational manuals by Denník N. He has attended several dozen discussions at Slovak schools and several seminars for teachers.
  • DISCUSSION: Propaganda and misinformation as a weapon - even in the war in Ukraine   |   ITAPA Digital Talk: Propaganda a dezinformácie ako zbraň
    The discussion will focus on the following topics:
    •      Is the Slovak population a victim of propaganda?
    •      When did it all start?
    •      How does propaganda change in times of war and in times of peace?
    •      How to recognize propaganda and how to defend against it?
    •      How is Slovakia prepared to fight propaganda and misinformation?
    •      What steps has Europe taken to combat misinformation since the beginning of the war?
    •      Is online content blocking correct?
    •      What should be the role of real journalism?

    Ján Hargaš - State Secretary, Ministry of Investment, Regional Development and Informatization of the Slovak Republic
    Marián Majer - State Secretary, Ministry of Defense SR
    Dušan Ondrušek - psychologist, PDCS
    Vladimír Šnídl - journalist, Denník N

    Zuzana Kovačič Hanzelová

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