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Valent Gura

Ministry of Finance SR
Valent Gura is an IT veteran, who worked as an individual contributor as well as director in global IT companies; in his reference are projects from public as well as from business sector. He studied Control and Communication Technology at University of Transport.
His professional career started in Information Technologies Research Institute where he worked at eminent projects SM4-20 and SM52/12 (1976-1990).
During his time at Digital Equipment Slovakia in 1992-1994 he worked in various roles on key projects in Stredoslovenske Energeticke Závody, Transpetrol, VÚB, ŽSR and others. In 1996 – 1999 he initiated development and afterwards led the division of Enterprise counselling in Slovak branch of Arthur Andersen.

In Compaq he works from 1999 in different managing role. Since 2001 he led the division Compaq Global Services. After acquisition by Hewlett-Packard (HP) in 2002, he was six years a member of C-suite of Slovak branch of HP and director of HP Services. Since May 2008 he was a regional manager of HP Consulting&Integration with responsibility for horizontal IT solutions. Since November 2008 he led for two years division HP Enterprise Services, replacing EDS and part of HP Services. His 20 years in global corporations was concluded in 2012 in role of  Director of HP Enterprise services for SEE (South East Europe).
Since October 2012 he works in Slovak counselling company Wallenberg as a partner responsible for services related to implementation and effective use of ICT. Among his most noted customers he worked with in Wallenberg are patria Elektro Privreda Serbia (EPS), Slovenská pošta, Sociálna poisťovňa and Ministry of Finance.
Valent Gura was a member of Slovak IT Association Board of Directors since its founding until 2012.

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