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Tomica Paovic

Democratic Governance & Economy and Environment, UNDP Montenegro, team leader in charge of two clusters
Tomica Paovic is a team leader in charge of two clusters at the UNDP in Montenegro: Democratic Governance and Economy and Environment (Centre for Sustainable Development).

As Democratic Governance Team Leader, Tomica’s focus areas are Montenegro’s democratization and advancement in the EU accession process by enhancing the rule of law, government effectiveness, efficiency, transparency and accountability, human security and respect of human rights.

As Economy and Environment Team Leader, Tomica oversees the work of the Centre for Sustainable Development, with an aim to effectively support Montenegro as it moves towards a low emission and resource efficient economy in a way that promotes the wellbeing and prosperity of communities, the environment where they live and work and local economy.

Tomica designs strategic programmes that promote transparency and accountability at the national and local level, facilitate access to justice, with focus on poor and women and enhance government capacity to adopt standards related to Copenhagen criteria and policies for sustainable human development. Working with government partners and in close coordination with international organizations and civil society, Tomica has identified and coordinated interventions including e-governance for Public Administration Reform, Resource Efficiency Roadmap for Montenegro, recommendations for tackling informal economy elaborated within the National Human Development Report 2016, Regional Development Strategy, Strategy for Development of Small Hydro Power Plants, revision of the National Investment Promotion framework, etc. In addition, Tomica provides policy advice to the Resident Coordinator in the area of public administration and institutional reform.
Within UNDP Istanbul Regional Centre, Tomica worked on developing a guidance note for green economy in RBEC region.

Tomica Paovic has 14 years of experience as a manager in public and international organizations, leading small teams of two as well as a bigger one of more than fifty people, towards greater effectiveness and efficiency through well-organised planning and focus on monitoring and evaluation of results. Prior to his engagement in UNDP, he served in the Deputy Prime Minister's cabinet in the Government of Montenegro and at the Capital City of Podgorica as head of Spatial Planning and Environment Protection Secretariat.

He holds an MA degree in labour market and economic development, and speaks Montenegrin, English and Italian language.
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