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Tomáš Oparty

Ministry of Interior SR, state secretary
05/ 2022 – lasts
The State Secretary of the Ministry of the Interior of the Slovak Republic
• Representation of the minister within the scope of his rights and obligations
• Responsible for managing the entrusted sections of the Ministry

2020 – 04/ 2022
General Director of the Economy Section of the Ministry of the Interior of the Slovak Republic
• Responsible for the strategic management of trade unions

2008 – 2020
Director and co-founder of three private companies that implemented the following projects:
• Restructuring and crisis management of projects for the banking sector (Risk Management Departments)
• Successful restructuring of companies operating in the energy industry, production of ecological electricity (investment: EUR 7.5 million)
• Restructuring of a company operating in the field of plastics processing (investment: EUR 1 million)
• Acquisitions of companies operating in agriculture, automotive industry, food industry (investment: EUR 10 million)
• External valuation of bank claims > 1 million. EUR
  • Electronicization of electoral processes   |   Jarná ITAPA 2023
    Electronisation of electoral processes
    The presentation introduces the path of gradual electronisation of selected electoral processes in the Slovak Republic. It describes the importance and benefits of electronic preparation and delivery of the official record of the election results in the precinct, the reasons and importance of creating an information system for the registration of voters who make use of postal voting from abroad, as well as the expected benefits of the development of the information system for the unified register of candidates and candidate lists. At the same time, it indicates the trends of electronisation in the future, which is the creation of a uniform electronic electoral roll.

    The lecture forms a comprehensive picture of how the electronisation of some election processes can contribute to the transparency of election processes and create an atmosphere of public trust in the election results. It also shows how the voter can be directly involved in supervision of the processing of election results.
  • DISCUSSION on life situations 2.0 topic   |   Jarná ITAPA 2022
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