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Shiran Baroukh

Here Technologies, Head of Product Management East Europe

Shiran has been working at HERE for 9 years. He started as a digital maps operations manager, proceeded to project manager, and for the last 4 years works as Product Manager (East Europe). Shiran holds a Bachelor degree in Urban planning from Concordia University (Montreal, Canada), and a Masters in Public Policy (MSc) from Tel Aviv University , and a Masters of Business and Administration (MBA) from the Technion (Israel) .

Prior to HERE Shiran worked as an advisor for municipalities and government offices in the fields of transportation, GIS, and information systems integration.

  • Enabling an autonomous world   |   Jarná ITAPA 2019

    Addressing today’s challenges will involve the collection, analysis and sharing of millions of terabytes of vehicular, environmental and physical infrastructure data each year. But data is insignificant without context and limited in value without scale.  Today, most data generated resides in silos, which constrains our collective ability to build new classes of services that can address today’s challenges and those of the future. Maximizing the utility of data requires overcoming this fragmentation and that calls for greater data collaboration. A key catalyst for greater data collaboration lies in location data.

    Every piece of data has a location, meaning that it can serve as a unifying element for diverse data types. Location is the “glue” that connects disparate data sources, giving the output generated rich context and increased relevance.

    At HERE, Billions of data points are gathered every day, and machine learning is applied to support rapid map update cycles. It will serve as a digital geospatial model that aids vehicles, drones, on-demand mobility services, precise indoor and outdoor goods tracking, and other advanced services.


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