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Sandra Karabelli

Perry Talents
Sandra Karabelli manages the startup accelerator PERRY TALENTS, which she co-founded in 2018. In the past, she worked in Slovak and foreign startups operating on the global market, where she focused on the creation and implementation of growth strategies. Before returning to the private sector, she worked under the first Slovak Chief Innovation Officer at the Government Office of the Slovak Republic, where she participated in the establishment of the Research and Innovation Authority with the aim of creating innovation policies and simplifying access to financing the innovation ecosystem. At the same time, she focuses on direct assistance to Slovak and Czech startups based on her experience in the areas of sales, marketing and management of internal R&D projects. She is currently redesigning the activities and operations of the PERRY TALENTS organization according to new market needs, while the primary goal is to enable startups to bring innovative products and services to the market, obtain sustainable financing and expand.
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