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Róbert Kormaňák

member of TK37 at UNMS SR for information technologies
A graduate of the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics, Charles University, he worked in several companies focused on IT, banking, energy and automotive. He deals with technical standardization in the field of project management, IT processes and IT services - a member of the technical commission TK37 and TK22 within the UNMS SR. Represents the Slovak Republic (Head of Delegation) in international ISO technical standardization commissions:
  • JTC1 / SC7 for software engineering
  • JTC1 / SC40 for IT governance and IT services
  • TC258 for project management

He actively participated in the creation of project management methodology for the needs of Ministry of Regional Development and Informatization of SR (Public administration project management).

  • Opening speech   |   Medzinárodný kongres ITAPA 2021: Ako sa stať najlepším?
  • Ignite session: Methodology of IT project management in state administration in Slovakia   |   Jarná ITAPA 2021
    Correct drawing of public funds requires a systematic and transparent approach, regardless of whether it is public finances from the Slovak budget or the EU budget.
    Defining the procedural and content-correct methodology of project management is a very good prerequisite for the successful management of any project.
    IT projects in the field of public administration informatization require the application of complex rules for project management as well as specific rules for software engineering, IT services but also for IT security, cloud services, etc. When managing IT projects in public and state administration, the rule is that transparency, reliability and honesty are necessary not only during the project but also after its completion and the handover of the finished solution. Therefore, the Prince2 methodology (as a reference model) was not chosen for this purpose at random.

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