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Richard Lintner 

Former hockey representative, World Champion 2002 Gotteborg
Former hockey representative
World Champion 2002 Gotteborg
Director of the highest Slovak hockey league 2015-2020
Producer, screenwriter and host of the TV show Citronada since 2021
  • The secret of the golden team: Richard Lintner, 2002 world champion in hockey   |   Jesenná ITAPA 2022
    Team chemistry and hierarchy
    • how to fit into the team as quickly as possible
    • how to build a position in the team hierarchy as quickly as possible
    • surprising common trait of successful teams
    "As a hockey player, I deliberately changed the clubs in which I worked so that during my career I could experience the differences in work, mentality and system in most of the world's best hockey leagues. This forced me to create and use a key that helped me fit into a new team in a short time without wasting a lot of time acclimatizing and getting to know the new environment and people."

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