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Peter Štubňa

D.ICZ Slovakia
Graduated from University of Transport and Telecommunications, Žilina -Technical operation of Telecommunications (1982) and Swinburne University of Technology, Melbourne, Australia (1992).
He started his  professional career as a computer center technician with Matica Slovenska (National Library), later with ZŤS – UTAR, where he participated also in computer systems and networks design and implementation.
Since 1992, he worked in GiTy – Slovensko, a. s., as CTO, WAN Division Director, COO. From 2006, he was appointed as Director of Product support and Innovation in GiTy, a. s., Brno.
Currently he holds the position of Sales Director for Security Solutions in D.ICZ a. s.
  • Trustworthy IS for Public Administration   |   Kongres ITAPA 2009: Art of eServices
    Trustworthy computing platform (TCP) is a solution that extends and modifies the infrastructure of information and communication technologies to provide the required rate guarantees. By building such a base, the organization obtains a secure and reliable platform for both existing information systems but also for their further development. The presentation gives examples of applications in the government of the Czech Republic.
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