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Pavol Lupták

Nethemba, CEO, Certified IT security professional
He gained his BSc. at the FEI-STU in Bratislava and MSc in Computer Science at the Czech Technical University with master thesis focused on ultra-secure systems. He holds many prestigious security certifications including CISSP and CEH, he is Slovak OWASP chapter leader, co-founder of Progressbar and SOIT organizations where he is responsible for IT security.
Pavol uses to have regular presentations at various worldwide security conferences (in Netherlands, Luxembourg, Berlin, Warsaw, Krakow, Prague). In the past, he demonstrated vulnerabilities in the public transport SMS tickets in all major cities in Europe, together with his colleague Norbert Szetei he practically demonstrated vulnerabilities in Mifare Classic RFID cards. He has 14 years experience in IT security, penetration testing and security auditing including social engineering and digital forensic analysis.
He is co-author of the OWASP Testing Guide v3, has a deep knowledge of the OSSTMM, ISO17799/27001 and many years experience in seeking vulnerabilities. He has a knowledge of many programming languages (ASM, C, C++, XSLT, Perl, Java, PLSQL, Lisp, Prolog, scripting languages) and operating systems. He is also focused on VoIP and interesting IT security research.
  • How is Slovakia getting ready for Chinese-like digital totalitarianism?   |   Medzinárodný kongres ITAPA 2020
    Internet censorship, widespread spying on shopping habits of all citizens (e-Cash register), monitoring and blocking of financial flows, prohibition of anonymous SIM and payment cards, possibility of state monitoring of population movements by mobile triangulation without their consent and without court order, restriction of cash and crypto use -friendly legislation, insufficiently anonymized information about COVID-19 patients and the state application for tracking contacts "Stay at home".

    Do you still think that digital totalitarianism does not concern you?

  • Discussion   |   Jarná Itapa 2018
  • GDPR - Ideas so good they have to be mandatory   |   Jarná Itapa 2018

    GDPR takes away from people a choice to decide between their privacy and other benefits.The privacy is for sure important, but cannot be forced to all people especially if many of them are willing to exchange it for some benefits. This presentation represents the alternative perspective to GDPR you haven't heard and seen before.

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