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Pavol Lukáčik

RED HAT, Territory Account Manager
  • DISCUSSION on "Government Cloud at the Crossroads"   |   Jesenná ITAPA 2022
    The state has been building the government cloud for years. Tens of millions of euros have already been reinvested, and we have basically managed to create a virtualized infrastructure. They are currently approved and are planning the so-called community clouds for more than 150 million euros. Will this investment move state services at least a millimeter? AWS deploys continuously every few milliseconds, is it possible to compete with that pace? How do they build cloud services in banks, for example? And what is MIRDI's strategy in building cloud services?

    Peter Lukáč, NCZI
    Igor Sibert, Ministry of the Interior of the Slovak Republic
    Vladimír Bednár, MF SR 
    Tomáš Mydliar, Dell Technologies 
    Hrvoje Buntak, Apis IT
    Pavol Lukáčik, RED HAT 
    Ladislav Kovár, MIRDI 

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