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Pavel Burkalo

QBSW CZECH, s.r.o., Business Development Manager
1995-2000 The University of Economics, Prague, department of National Economy

2009-2011 E&I EMIRATES LLC- Technical and Sales Manager
2003-2009 ICT Group - Business Development Manager
1999-2002 Alten Group - Business and Sales Development Manager
  • Effective mobile solutions for a modern government   |   Kongres ITAPA 2012: Zaostrené na výsledky
    Mobile, individualized and accurately localized. These are the attributes of mobile applications which make the classic e-Government concept irreversibly old-fashioned. Who would actually rely on PC today if he/she can adequately communicate via his/her mobile phone, available at any time and any place?
    Nowadays, almost 70 % of sold mobile phones support the "smart"  applications. These applications tend to be very intuitive and almost everybody learns how to use them, so the number of people, with whom the self-government bodies can communicate via mobile devices, rises significantly. However, the number of communicating people is certainly not the only point. The real potential of mobile applications is in their higher functionality. Mobile applications allow not only an immediate and accurate localization in space but bring also further potential to self-government organizations, such as towing services, city police, etc.  
    Project City Monitor, thanks to which the residents can report and communicate the problems and requirements in the city via mobile phones, is one of the best examples of use of localization. The self-government authority on the other side is able to handle the requirements effectively and respond accordingly. It turns out, from our experience in certain cities in the Czech Republic, in which the project was implemented, that if residents are involved in the project, administrative costs and time spent to handle problems significantly decrease and parallelly the satisfaction of residents increases. In addition, applications Citizen in the City or Tourist in the City are ideal tools for information providing from self-government authorities to residents or visitors and for their better orientation in the city/region without the need for internet connection.  
    The use of mobile applications is, however, much broader and Mr. Pavel Burkalo from company QBSW, a.s. will clarify the growing importance of mobile applications for self-government authorities at ITAPA 2012 Congress.
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