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Ondřej Svoboda

Dr. Digital
The modern concept of telemedicine and e-health is what Ondrej enjoys and fulfills. He studied at the International Business School in Brno and continued his studies in the field of E-health and Telemedicine at the Rome Business School. He is currently studying at the Advance Institute for MHA (Master in Healthcare Administration).

He is the founder of several companies in the field of e-health and healthcare. He founded and successfully led the company Zafax Medical, which is an international distributor of medical devices. The company trades with Switzerland, Italy, Korea, France, USA, UK, Russia, Greece, Germany and Georgia. He sold the company to pursue other challenges.

He is currently involved in projects such as Dr. Digital, E-health and Telemedicine or Telemedicine Academy.
  • Melanoma and artificial intelligence   |   ITAPA HEALTH & CARE 2023

    Melanoma detection using artificial intelligence has proven to be a very effective tool for catching malignant melanoma. The key success factor is the form of a native mobile application for both iOS and Android and its ease of use. Catching a malignant melanoma in the 1st stage means hundreds of EUR of cost to the system, compared to later stages, where the cost is in the thousands to tens of thousands of EUR.

    Another interesting effect is the discovery of malignant melanomas in the younger generation of 20-50 years old, who use preventive dermatology programs much less than older generations. Thus, the form of native application for such a tool does not mean only a helper for the system - that is, capturing lesions in the early phase, but also the involvement of a completely new group of the population.

    The initial resistance of some doctors already subsides as soon as they have personal experience with such a tool. Its use brings the right cases to surgeries and waiting rooms and makes the specialist's work easier and more efficient.

    Malignant melanoma is only the beginning, the ¨beyond cancer¨ project is also running in pilot mode, which can already detect other skin lesions.

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