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Ondra Synovec

Digital Factory
Ondřej has a vision: a paperless world. That is why he founded Signi, a web app that enables fast and easy document signature. What began as a punk startup grew into a highly successful company with clients like Alza, Packeta, Remax, and Rohlík. The mission of Signi is to provide a signature as easy as a handshake yet legally binding. 
You can meet Ondřej at one of many conferences and events where he talks about the advantages of digital signature. In 2021, Onřej was listed among the TOP 30 personalities of the Czech internet. 
  • Electronic signature is just a beginning   |   Jesenná ITAPA 2023
    Digital signature is not about turning papers into PDF files. True digitalization means adjusting your workflow so that there is no more need for paper. It saves time and financial resources and gives you a competitive advantage. Meanwhile, only 4% of Czech and 3% of Slovak companies digitize their documents. We will advise you on how to implement digital signature and manage your digital workflow in your company and discuss current trends in Czechia and Slovakia. 

    Why should I see this presentation: 
    ●    I am interested in current trends in electronic signature in Czechia and Slovakia.  
    ●    I want to know how to overcome the most common obstacles to digitalization in my company. 
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