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Milan Preisinger

Project Manager, PosAm, Slovakia

Milan Preisinger graduated from the University of Economics in 1988 at the Faculty of Management, Division of Accounting and Budgeting.

After two-year work at university in the position of an Assistant Professor, he got employment in the company developing and implementing ERP systems as a Consultant and later the Chief Analyst for ERP systems.

Since 2001 he has been working in the company PosAm as an Analyst for Budgetary Information System and for the last two years as a Project Manager for public administration. He is experienced in management of big projects in the field of IT as well as in creation of UML analyses.

  • Transition to Euro in the Public Administration   |   Kongres ITAPA 2007: Living Online
    During the process of implementation of Euro into the Budget Information system of Ministry of Finance as a key been proved to be preparatory phase. In this phase were identified important conditions that later on had a significant impact for further development and final look of the solution. Among new functionalities that were being added according to plan of implementation of euro in certain phases, were dual visualisation, modified printed compositions and a way of portraying data that are taken out of external systems. The end of lecture will be enrichen by summary of used principles and recommendations for solution teams working on similar tasks.
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