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Michal Polehňa

Asseco Central Europe,a.s., Business Development Manager
Michal Polehňa graduated from the Technical University in Brno, Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (1995). He started his career at PVT in Brno as a programmer; however, he soon took charge of the team. Gradually his career progressed up to the position of Deputy Director of the Department for Software Development. In the same time his interest began to focus on the area of public administration: he contributed to several large projects such as the Staff Information System for the Armed Forces of the Czech Republic or Foreign National Information System. Since 2002 (already as Director of Systems Integration) he had been further developed the field of business when cooperating on
several successful projects in the field of public administration.  His interest, however, started to focus on the business, especially marketing. In 2006, he became Director of Strategy and Marketing, and also a member of the top management of the company (Prokom PVT). After merge with the international group Asseco, his responsibilites expanded (besides the Czech Republic) also to Hungary and Slovakia. Following the three years at the head of Marketing and PR Department he returns back to the core business in March 2012 and becomes Business Development Manager with the aim to support business activities in the field of public administration in the Czech Republic. Overall, Mr. Polehňa has been active in the IT industry for more than 17 years.
  • The four cylinders under the hood of Czech eGovernment   |   Kongres ITAPA 2012: Zaostrené na výsledky
    On 1st July 2012, the Czech eGovernment has got a new engine. Obviously, we are talking about the Basic Registers, which have been in operation for three months now and create one of the crucial elements of the public administration´s information systems in the Czech Republic. Asseco Central Europe has contributed in building the two “cylinders” of the engine: Register of Legal Entities, and Register of Rights and Obligations (RRO). With emphasis on the mentioned registers (especially RRO), the presentation will focus on the basic functionality and the architecture of the registers. Moreover, it will center on the topic of integration process of the agenda´s information systems with the external interface of the Information System of the Basic Register, as well as on the developing potential of the complex solution.
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