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Michal Mikuš

Ministry of Investment, Regional Development and Informatisation of the Slovak Republic, Head of Unit of the Central Data Office of the Public Administration
Michal Mikuš has been a member of the Central Data Office of Public Administration since 2021 and currently manages it. Together with his colleagues, he ensures the data transformation of public administration through data concepts (Once and Enough Principle, My Data, Analytical Data Processing) and technical data principles (data interoperability, data quality). Currently, it is the substantive leader of the data concept of the One Time, One Enough Principle, which ensures the sharing of data between public administrations for the purpose of carrying out official activities. He has successfully implemented the National Data Integration Project: making the VS data base accessible, including open data, through a data integration platform, which has ensured the highest ever level of data sharing in public administration (1048 new integration links between public administrations).

Together with other data lawyers, it also ensures the resolution of legal aspects of the data transformation of public administration (from methodological work to the preparation of legislation, in particular the Data Act). 
  • European system for the principle "once and enough" - The Once-Only Technical System   |   Jarná ITAPA 2024
    When will people stop submitting data held by the state to basic official procedures in Slovakia? And is it even possible that we do not need people to submit data (documents) to these proceedings that were issued to them in another EU member state? While the former is already a reality to a not insignificant extent, the latter, i.e. the cross-border exchange of data (documents) has yet to become a reality. It is the OOTS (Once-only technical system) project that aims to enable the retrieval of data (documents) from other EU Member States for official proceedings in Slovakia.
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