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Martin Spano

Martin Spano is a Slovak computer scientist, futurist and the biggest popularizer of artificial intelligence in Slovakia. He lectures at technology conferences and is actively involved in the public debate on artificial intelligence. called him a synonym of artificial intelligence in Slovakia and the magazine BREAK wrote about him that under the term "artificial intelligence" many in Slovakia will think of his name. His book "The Artificial Intelligence in a Nutshell" became a bestseller on Amazon USA in the sections of artificial intelligence and cybernetics.

Spano sees artificial intelligence and advanced technologies as a means to increase productivity and help solve global problems such as raising living standards in poor countries or treating cancer. He
assumes that automation will end hard inhuman work and that people will be able to engage in activities that entertain and fulfill them.

In his talks, Spano has repeatedly called for the use of technology in the fight against global problems, especially climate change. He also participated in the TEDx conference as a speaker on the topic of combating climate change through artificial intelligence. In his view, technological progress is the solution to all human problems.

  • Will computer treat us? Artificial intelligence and the future of healthcare   |   Medzinárodný kongres ITAPA 2020
    Artificial intelligence will not replace doctors. However, it will replace those who will not use it. When he was a little boy, he longed to solve mankind's greatest problems, such as war, poverty and disease. However, he quickly realized that human intelligence would not be enough, so he dedicated his life to computers and artificial intelligence. In his lecture, computer scientist and futurist Martin Spano will tell you how artificial intelligence is already helping doctors in the fight against diseases, such as coronavirus. Computers can make an excerpt from the patient's medical history in a matter of seconds, they can evaluate pathological images better. Personalized medicine, data markets, or even nanorobots directly in our blood. This is only a small fraction of what we will be able to do in the near future thanks to artificial intelligence.
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