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Martin Smoľák

RoboTech Vision
He has been involved in mobile robotics since high school. In the past, he has also contributed to projects in the field of telemedicine and has developed intelligent vehicles for the police. Within RoboTech Vision, he primarily focuses on the development of low-level control software, hardware, mechanics, and navigation algorithms.
  • Use of Autonomous Mobile Robots for Military Purposes   |   ITAPA Defence 2023 s výstavou vojenskej techniky

    In the presentation of RoboTech Vision s.r.o. you will learn more about the development of autonomous robots that are also capable of performing tasks related to mapping unknown space, for example for the needs of the military. An autonomous robot is a complicated device that can be divided into several subsystems. One of them is the sensory subsystem, with the help of which the autonomous robot perceives the environment in which it is located. About what these means are and to what extent, for example, elements of artificial intelligence are used Ing Martin Smoľák will talk in his presentation.

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