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Martin Pitoňák

Chemosvit gruop, Technological development specialist
Building an information production system in the conditions of a production company.

Management by integrating IT with process  requirements in top management positions
Chemosvit Folie company, such as: prepress, research and development, quality, marketing, sales.

Support for the creation of IS for complex monitoring and management of energy consumption and responses to growing
requirements for documenting the sustainable development of the company.
  • Digitalisation as a strategic support for energy- efficient manufacturing company   |   Jesenná ITAPA 2023
    The energy effectiveness of the company is a key element for the financial and environmental development of each organization. For the active management of energy effectiveness , the creation and long-term operation of measuring and control systems is essential and knowledge databases in a digital environment and in real time. At the same time, goal management increases the pressure on innovation and year over year improvements.  The lecture shows one of the digital solutions applicable in each company. 
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